German Roamers x Brompton

Escape the city with your Brompton? Whilst many still see Brompton as a classic commuter bike or travel companion, we know that our folding bike can do much more.

We sent out photography collective German Roamers to see how our bikes fared away from an urban environment. German Roamers members, Johannes Höhn (aka Pangea), Lennart Pagel (aka Lennart) and Leo Thomas (aka Theolator), set off from Munich with their Brommies for a little adventure. Their destination was Plansee Lake, just over the German border in Austria.

We asked the founder of the German Roamers, Johannes, a few questions.


Hi Johannes, tell us a bit about yourselves. Who are you and what drives you?

We are part of the German Roamers; a collective of outdoor enthusiasts and photographers. We were founded in 2015 and we go on regular photography trips together - especially in Germany. We’re always on the lookout for special motifs, angles and moods when out on our adventures. That’s how we put Germany on the map in outdoor photography and made a name for ourselves. Our work shows people that you can find epic spots on your own doorstep.


What was the idea behind your latest Brompton adventure?

We wanted to breathe a little city air and explore Munich, but we were also drawn to the beautiful nature on offer in the Alps. The idea of combining city life and breathtaking nature in just one weekend was too good to resist. That’s what sparked this whole idea.


Has Brompton always been part of your life?

Folding bikes were relatively new to all of us. For a long time we rode with ‘normal wheels’, but everyone was enthusiastic about trying Bromptons. Now, I can’t imagine my life without them.


What makes riding a Brompton special to you?

It feels special to cruise with a Brompton. People notice you as you ride by - and they are a great conversation starter!


Had you ridden a Brompton before your trip from Munich?

Absolutely! Since owning a Brompton I haven’t used my other bikes. I live in the middle of the city (Cologne) - and my Brompton has been a game-changer in getting from A to B. Our weekend tour gave us a chance to also explore the outdoor potential of the bikes.


Why Brompton? What advantage do you see?

The bike offers an incredible amount of flexibility and mobility, especially in the city. It's the ideal companion when I'm out and about. I’ve developed a much closer bond with my Brompton than I would with a regular bike because I can take it with me everywhere. For me personally, a Brompton opens up a lot of new possibilities and makes everyday life as a photographer a lot easier. On my Brommie I can get from one spot to the next really fast.


Images from the trip can be seen on the German Roamers Instagram profile and the German Brompton Instagram channel.


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